Water heaters, whether gas or electrical, will certainly last you concerning 8 to 12 years if you take excellent care of them.

Even so, there’s constantly a chance your hot water heater can leakage. If it does, the good news is that a lot of little hot water heater leaks can be fixed quite easily.

There are a number of points you can do prior to you calling a plumber to make it also easier!


The leading sources of water heater leakages consist of:

  • Damaged drain valves: These will certainly trigger water leakages from the bottom of the container. They’re conveniently dealt with by replacing the broken drainpipe valve.
  • Rust: Debris accumulation can create rust, splitting, and openings in the bottom of the storage tank. When this takes place, it’s usually time for water heater replacement.
  • Loose water line links: Regular wear and tear can loosen up the inlet or outlet water lines, causing leakages. This issue can generally be repaired by tightening up or changing the loose, used water lines.

Damaged temperature/pressure valves: As their name suggests, these valves monitor as well as regulate the temperature and also pressure inside water heaters. When they damage, they can trigger water leaks from the sides of a water heater storage tank.

Certainly, different other things can create water heater leaks– and, sometimes, these leaks are the result of several concerns. The best method to identify what’s creating your hot water heater leakage and obtain the best service for repairing it is by speaking to a specialist, like the relied on plumbing professionals at our company.


If your hot water heater is leaking, take these three steps:

  • Cut the power: This is the really initial point you should do when you locate a warm water leakage. To shut off the energy source leading to:
  • Gas water heater: Discover your thermostat. You need to see a little knob with 3 setups: ON, OFF, as well as PILOT. Switch it to OFF or PILOT to turn off the gas and make the heating system risk-free to deal with.
  • Electric water heater: Most likely to your breaker panel and also locate the breaker classified “water heater.” Transform it off to reduce the power to your unit.
  • Shut down the water: Switch off the water by finding the chilly water line resulting in your water heater. There ought to be a shutoff on the line; turn it to the right until it shuts. This will remove the water as well as enable you to carry on to the next step.
  • Drain the water storage tank: If you have a tank (standard) hot water heater, draining your water heater is the most vital step. It likewise happens to be one of the most involved! To drain your hot water heater container:
  • Find the drainpipe valve near the bottom of your hot water heater as well as connect a garden hose pipe to it.
  • Run the pipe to a floor drain or sump pit.

With the pipe in place, open the shutoff (on older warm water heating systems, this might appear like a common faucet; on newer systems, there’s a drainpipe stem with a port for a screwdriver).

KEEP IN MIND: As soon as you open the drainpipe valve, you might observe the water either doesn’t stream or does not move extremely well. This is due to the fact that there’s a vacuum in the water heater.

To damage the vacuum cleaner, open any kind of hot water faucet in your house. This will certainly let air right into the water container as well as permit it to drain more quickly. When you develop a good circulation, the whole tank need to drain in regarding an hour.

As soon as the hot water heater is drained pipes, call us for water home heating fixing service! We’ll discover the place of the hot water heater leak and also take care of it swiftly.

And also, we provide 24-hour emergency situation hot water heater solution at absolutely no additional price, and we have flexible funding choices. That makes it simpler and more convenient than ever to get the solution and water heater repair services you require whenever you need them!