Hot water loss diagnosis

If your hot water supply is on the blink then there are a few simple checks that you can perform to help get your bathing needs back on track:

Check the power supply

  1. Make sure that there is actually power going to the boiler.
  2. If you can’t turn it on then check that all switches are on and the fuse hasn’t gone in the plug.
  3. Try putting a new fuse in the plug and seeing if this sorts out the problem.

Check the pump

Have a quick check to make sure that your pump is running by feeling the side of the pump for motion. If it doesn’t appear to be running, you will need to get a heating engineer in to investigate.

Check the thermostat

Check that your thermostat is switched on and not set too low.

You should also check that the power switch is turned to ‘On’ and that the thermostat controlling the water temperature is set high enough.

Check the pilot light

  1. Make sure that the pilot light is lit. If it isn’t, then your water definitely won’t be hot.
  2. To re-light it, follow the instructions in the manual or on the boiler.

If none of these checks solve the problem then it’s time to call in a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer – which is us – St Albans Plumber!!!