Hot water issues

Not washed for two weeks? Individuals in the workplace are keeping away from you? There’s no compelling reason to endure in silence as our assistance and counsel will have your boiling hot water supply up and running without a moment’s hesitation!

As usual, take extraordinary precautionary measures with any review or work including power and do not forget to:

Switch off the power supply and remove the wire for the significant circuit before undertaking  any work 

Never examine or do any work on any part of the system while the power is on

If you’re not certain about what you are doing, hire the service of a specialist electrician 

What to do

The instructions below are enough to give you a quick guide on how to solve the problem.

Power supply and fuse

Ensure that the force supply is on and the wire is working. In the event that a wire has blown, it might be symptomatic of a more serious problem.

Gas or oil supply

Make sure the gas or oil supply is turned on.

Programmer is on

Ensure that the programmer is in the “on” position and the thermostats are turned up sufficiently high.

Pump running

Examine if your pump is running. If not, it’s best to call an expert electrical engineer as the repair will oblige professional expertise.

Pilot light

Check your pilot light. On the off chance that it’s switched off, relight it by using your producer’s manual as a guideline.