Do you understand what sort of sewage system piping your house has? If you’re like most home owners, you only think about your drain pipes when something fails– like when you have a sewage back-up or drainpipe problem.

Knowing what kind of sewer pipe you have, nonetheless, can help you:

Recognise what may be taking place when your sewer as well as drainpipe system breaks down. Better clarify what’s going on when it’s time to get in touch with a professional plumber and get an exact price quote for drain service. Here’s a consider the numerous sorts of sewage system pipes that are commonly used in residences. Whenever you need assistance diagnosing and fixing problems with your drain and drain system, don’t wait to call us.

  • Bellying
  • Tree origin seepage
  • General damage
  • And various other issues

Despite their resilience, cast iron sewage system pipelines are vulnerable to deterioration as well as rust, along with waste accumulation as a result of their unequal insides. That means that, as cast iron piping ages, it can be much more prone to:

  • Obstructions
  • Fracturing
  • Holes
  • Breaks down


Clay sewage system pipelines are another type of piping made use of prior to and during the The second world war era. These pipes, made of a clay-shale blend, can last for 30 or more years. They are environmentally friendly and inert, making them immune to chemicals and also acids.

Despite their benefits, nonetheless, clay pipelines are breakable and also permeable, making them prone to:

  • Leaking
  • Tree origin infiltration
  • Crumbling gradually
  • Breaking and breaking, especially under extreme pressure


Concrete has actually been utilised both as an encasement for clay piping and as a piping material itself. Concrete drain pipes are incredibly long lasting as well as have an ordinary service life of concerning 30 years. Together with plastics, concrete is thought about a new-generation material for sewage system pipes.

While concrete drain pipes are not insusceptible to damage or ageing that can trigger the demand for fixing or replacement, this sort of sewage system piping is presently popular as a result of its affordability, stamina, as well as longevity.


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and also ABDOMINAL MUSCLE (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are likewise among the new-generation piping that’s been extensively used in homes developed given that the 1970s. As one of the most resilient as well as long-lasting pipes, PVC and ABDOMINAL piping is:

  • Rust-proof: PVC and ABDOMINAL piping won’t corrode with time.
  • Cost-efficient: Plastic drain piping is incredibly inexpensive.
  • Smooth: The even, smooth interiors and exteriors of these pipes make them immune to root intrusion.
  • Versatile: PVC and also ABDOMINAL MUSCLE piping can be utilized alone or with cast iron or clay piping.

While this sort of sewage system piping is not heat-tolerant– as well as it can be prone to cracking if the wall surfaces are thinner, it’s still among the most popular alternatives for drain line pipes.

When it comes to drain line pipelines, the bottom line is that:

If your house was constructed before the 1970s and it has Orangeburg, cast iron, or clay sewage system pipes, your piping has most likely got to the end of its life expectancy, and you ought to think about drain pipeline substitute prior to your sewer line breaks.

If you do experience a drain line failure and also you require to replace your sewer piping, PVC and ABDOMINAL MUSCLE are likely your ideal options for a brand-new sewage system line.